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Education in the modern age requires smartphones as well. That is why many parents provide smartphones to their kids for educational purposes. However, as we know, the internet consists of good and bad sites; they can potentially be harmful to our child’s innocent minds. That is why we need to secure them from accessing such sites that can change their minds’ psychology. Playing casino games online or violent games like pubG for a prolonged period of time can be addictive. Hence parents should restrict these apps using best parental control apps. Many free parental control apps are available these days to track the location of any android phone. In case you are searching for a cell phone tracker app or android parental control, your search destination ends with FamiSafe application.

FamiSafe is an application that is available in the apple store in iPhone and android play store online. This is a parental control app that works in stealth mode on a kid’s smartphones. The application can ensure the safety of kids when they are returning from their schools, colleges, or coaching institutes. The same application can be used for checking the messages on text messages, or messenger apps. Parents can also spy on their kid’s phones and monitor their internet activity remotely. Here are some of its best features that make this app so unique:-

Features of FamiSafe parental control app

Works with android and iPhones:-

No matter whatever phone your kids FamiSafe can be installed easily. The application file size is small, which consumes less space on their phone. The most fascinating fact about this application is that it works in hidden and undetectable mode. Your kids will not come to know about your spying activity at all.

Real-time Location tracking: –

FamiSafe app comes with a real-time GPS tracking system that enables you to find the exact location of any target devices efficiently. The location tracking is reliable and most trusted, and because of this, many private detective agencies also use this application for tracking the location of criminals or suspects.

Restrict bad sites and grant access to good sites: –

Using FamiSafe apps, we can restrict our kids from accessing bad sites that consist of pornographic contents or images. We can also block gambling apps from being downloaded or installed on their phone. Not only can this have, but we also granted access to good sites that can be informative and beneficial for their education. The procedure of restricting sites and apps is done remotely, and kids will hardly notice anything from their phones.

Track messages and calls: –

Keep an eye with which your child is communicating using their phones. You can snoop their Facebook profiles, check their messages on massagers or text messages. Not only this, but we can also listen to the live call recordings to ensure that our kids are away from any bad company that can be dangerous and causes loss of property or life.

Faster to install and easy to use: –

The application uses optimized codes that execute faster on any device, and hence the location tracking becomes fast. The file size is less, which not only consumes less space but also provides extra space for other applications.

The crime rate in modern society is increasing like anything. Criminals are finding new ways of manipulating young and innocent minded people. Kids are the soft target of kidnappers, and that is why we need to safeguard or kids by installing the FamiSafe parental control apps on their smartphones. This cell phone tracker app can be useful in finding the exact location of any targeted device remotely. In this way, we can rest assured about child safety, especially when they are returning home from colleges or coaching institutes.

The application uses a real-time global positioning system that can provide your location details on a real-time basis. Famisafe app can also be used to monitor children’s online activities and restrict those apps or sites that are harmful to them. The process of imposing restrictions on apps or bad sites is easy to perform since it has a user-friendly interface. The necessary process of tracking the location or checking messages on Whatsapp and messenger are simple and easy to perform. FamiSafe app can be downloaded from play store in android phones and apple stores in apple devices or smartphones. Download this application now and keep your child safe from many potential threats of kid’s kidnapping.

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