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Jeff Bezos: 'Market research doesn’t help'

What was really interesting about fashion at that time was the way rock ’n’ roll heroes like Jimmy Page, Marc Bolan and David Bowie blended the genders so beautifully. It’s really relevant today. So in those days, the guys were all wearing their girlfriends’ clothes and digging through their wardrobes wearing their flares and their scarves and their blouses. Capes came to town…
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Qualcomm Goes Beyond Core Mobile Market and Apple In These Growth Segments

Streaming media

Facebook Live Video Streaming Guide For Business (2020)

In 2020, Facebook live streaming has become one of the major ways for a business to connect with its online audience spread all over the world. There can be a number of purposes to broadcast live video on Facebook for businesses such as demonstrating a product, launching a new product, or engaging in Q/A sessions. It can also be used for company events and webinars that help the business…
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Effective Video Meetings in the New Normal


Everything You Need To Know About Virtual Event?

A fraction of our collective experience of the last few weeks is undoubtedly watching events getting cancelled one after the other. Big trade shows, virtual event, and business/academic conferences that have been successfully and consistently running for decades disappeared all of a sudden. This has created a huge void for event planners, companies, attendees, and marketers. But how do we fill…
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A Way to Tune Apache Spark for Machine Learning

Top 20 best virtual career fair platforms & software of 2021


10 Reasons for Outsourcing Web Development

Everyone knows the difference between outsourcing and hiring an in-house Web Development team, but still, most of the business houses get confused when it comes to choosing one of them for their projects. There are valid reasons that most of the companies whether they are startups and bigger businesses are outsourcing their work and we are going to show you the same here. 1. Cost…
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Key Benefits of Website Designer Servicing

Automation testing with Lambdatest online selenium Grid