Best Dating App – Benefits of Hinge, OkCupid, Tinder Clone Apps

Dating apps were quite uncommon and went through a rough patch in the beginning. But today, dating apps are famous, and a considerable portion of young people regularly use dating apps. People use dating apps for various reasons like meeting new people or a casual hookup. Or, it can be for something serious like searching a partner for a serious relationship or marriage. Among these apps, the Tinder dating app is the most popular and also the most used. Due to the advancement of dating apps, today, there are tons of people competing against each other. So, let’s take a look at the best dating apps and their benefits.

Tinder Dating App

People use Tinder dating apps all over the world. Using it is secure. All you need to do is create your profile and start swiping instantly. Additionally, it is considered the best app for casual dating. The Tinder dating app has a high success ratio. 77% of users find a match, and 37% have seen their partners on Tinder.

How to Find People on The Tinder Dating App?

It is relatively easier to find people on Tinder than any other app. When you begin, you will get to see numerous profiles. If you like a profile, you can swipe right. If you do not want a pattern you know, you can swipe left. And, if the person you swiped right swipes you back, it’s a match. You can then talk to each, meet, and take it forward.

Benefits of The Tinder Dating App

Almost every person using online dating knows about Tinder, and probably even uses it. Therefore, there are many users on Tinder. According to a study, there are around 6 million users on Tinder, as of 2020. As there are so many people, there are many options for you. Thus, higher chances of meeting people on Tinder.

The Tinder dating app is known for its anonymity. You are anonymous, and nobody can search you up or text you directly. It can only happen if both parties have matched.

Tinder Gold is the premium version where you get many extra features. The best one is that you get to know who likes your profile before you want them. Other features would incorporate an unlimited number of likes in a day, five super likes, and you can rewind a profile if you missed it.


Hinge is another dating app that has been there for quite a long time. Unlike the Tinder dating app, Hinge is more for the people looking for serious relationships.

How does Hinge Work?

The Hinge dating app has an effortless way of working and resembles the Tinder dating app. After creating an account, you will see a select list of profiles according to your needs. It is a match if you like them and they like you back, or vice-versa. Once it is a match, you can text them and take it to the next level. Hinge mainly focuses on finding people with whom you are mutually acquainted. For example, if you have linked your Facebook account, Hinge will find more users who have mutual friends with you on Facebook.

Benefits of Using Hinge

There are more ways of showing interest on Hinge other than merely liking a profile. You can like their photos and even respond to their prompts, to show your interest in the person. Prompts are basic questions like, what are your hobbies?

The Hinge dating app has a friendly user interface. The interface is very intuitive and aesthetic while giving a straightforward impression of its design.

You can become a premium user of the app with a subscription. The paid version offers many more things. It provides insights, tips on how to make the best profile, a good conversation, and success in finding a match. Premium users also get unlimited likes in a day, unlike free users, who get just 10.


OkCupid is one of the oldest dating sites still going strong. It is one of the best dating apps if you want to know and ask creative questions about the user. You must give this app a try if you’re going to find a precisely equal match.

How does OkCupid Work?

OkCupid makes use of simple dating tools and works the conventional way. There is much categorization, even for the smallest things, to find the perfect match. After creating an account, you can like other profiles. If two people mutually want each other’s profiles, it is a match.

Benefits of using OkCupid

OkCupid has a questionnaire that is 15 questions long. These questions cover an extensive range of interests. You can either skip these questions or select an answer you would expect from the person you like.

OkCupid has around 1 million users. Therefore the chances of you finding somebody on the app is very high. Furthermore, it is LGBTQ friendly. Thus, even they can use this app to meet new people.

The premium version of this app has numerous features like no ads, username changes, and additional preferences. You can even see who has liked your profile before you want them.

Benefits of Dating Clone App like Tinder Clone, Hinge Clone, OkCupid Clone

An online dating app is basically based on the features used by famous dating applications. Apps are built using the software features, and they resemble dating apps like Tinder, Hinge. Hence, it proves to be very helpful to create a dating app. You can introduce your innovative features while the app has the dating app’s standard features such as likes, super likes, and subscriptions.

Tinder clone is considered the best social networking website clone for online dating. It comes with necessary source code, but you can always customize it and add new and creative features to the system.


The online dating industry is enormous, worth almost $7 billion globally. These apps are used all over the world. So, if you are getting into online dating, these apps are highly recommended. Also, if you plan on building a dating app, Tinder Clone is what you should use. These were the benefits of the best online dating apps.

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