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The Best Free-To-Play Steam Games You Should Add to Your List

It is a great struggle to find free-to-play Steam games that are free of bugs, in-game adverts, and paid features in disguise. And trust us, searching for the ‘best free games’ on Google search console will only bombard with a plethora of options. You will only end up getting confused and give up on the ‘endeavor’ altogether. But don’t fret at all. When you’re stuck at hope, scrolling through your news feed for the latest updates on COVID-19, your days surely have become a tad bit boring. And that’s where we come in clutch. We have done our research and carefully curated a list of the best free-to-play Steam games you can play in 2020!


The free-to-play category is often overlooked. That’s because of in-game adverts and locked premium features that ruin the experience for many gamers. But that’s not the case with Warframe. The game is free and through and confers an in-game experience that can be easily comparable to AAA PC game titles. The third-person shooter game allows you to equip a role of your liking, lets you lobby up with your friends and lets you complete both side and main quests altogether. The good news is, Warframe is going to be making its entry on the latest consoles anytime soon.

Dota 2

It’s almost unreasonable to ever think of spending on a MOBA game. MOBA titles like League of Legends, Smite and Heroes of the Storm are all free-to-play games belonging to different game studios. But Dota 2 is owned by Valve itself and is one of the earliest MOBA games to exist. Dota 2 was intended to be a Warfare mod but then made its way to becoming a full-fledged MOBA title on its own.


The vibrant shooting game style rose to popularity with Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch. While the style might look secondary to most of us, Epic Games similar take on its shooting game, Paladins turned out to be successful. In Paladins, each hero has its own unique abilities but it is activated so using a card deck. The game consists of varied maps, game modes an extensive roster of heroes, and Gaming Deals. However, the most popular in-game mode of Paladins is where your team has to capture a control point and stop the enemy team from taking over.

Counter Strike Global Offensive

Counter Strike: Global Offensive has been around since 2012 and yet the game has given many AAA FPS and shooter games a tough time. The game’s community is bustling worldwide, making it one of the most played games of all time. As of 2019, CS: GO managed to secure 20 million concurrent active users and that’s a massive figure for a free FPS shooter to achieve. That’s not all. Official CS: GO tournaments are held all over the world and has managed to give away a cumulative prize pool of millions of dollars.


What if we told you that you could pick from a roster of 111 mythical creatures and ancient gods in a MOBA game? Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? You can either go solo in a 5v5 showdown or you can create a lobby with your premades. Like any other MOBA game, Smite has different in-game maps. But the one map we would recommend you to try is the death-match mode. It will certainly ignite a competitive spark in you.

The aforementioned titles are only a few popular ones a budding or veteran gamer should play at least once. Some other titles you can add to your list include:

  • World of Warships
  • Closers
  • Trove
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Eve Online
  • Rift
  • Atlas Reactor
  • War Thunder
  • Path of Exile
  • Brawlhalla
  • Star Conflict
  • Realm Royale

To Conclude

In the times of quarantine, we still haven’t run out of entertainment options. Even if you weren’t a hardcore gamer, you can always pick up free-to-play Steam games again with any of these free-to-play titles. Another great boredom buster is a streaming service subscription like Netflix, Hulu, and the current popular Disney+. Surely, you would have subscribed to any one of the services at some point. But if you have been looking for other alternatives, cable TV can be one option. Cable TV plans like Spectrum TV Silver merge the notion of conventionality and novelty together. You can switch channels on your TV set or stick to streaming On Demand titles on your smartphone. Now you know you have varied entertainment options to resort to!

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