Best Paint Pens for Rock Painting

Paint Pens for Rock Painting

They say that every canvas tells a different story, a thought that starts with a vision in the artist’s mind and splashes mesmerizingly onto the white background. As a painter, I have had the pleasure of brushing paint on a myriad of surfaces among which rocks also hold a prominent place. Read more about Paint Pens for Rock Painting here.

I was more of a “canvas-painting-guy” earlier, but then I was introduced to rock painting by my kids for one of their mixed media art projects. My creative juices started flowing when I did my first rock painting project, and I knew that I had found a new “canvas” to flush my imaginations with. The uniqueness of rock painting kept fascinating me ever since.  

If you are newly venturing out with rock painting, then having questions like, “What are the best paint pens for rocks?” or “How to do you waterproof painted rocks?” in your mind is quite natural. After being a painter for the last two decades, I am here to share my rock painting experiences with you. To be honest, it was more of a hit-and-trial method for me, and after having used a plethora of paint pens for rock painting, here are those which I strongly recommend. 

Best paint pens for rocks

The market is flooded with a plethora of paint pens for rock painting of patnitop, and selecting one among the lot is nothing less hard than finding a needle from a haystack. This is where I aim to make your job easier with this detailed article. 

You no longer have to pull your hair while researching “What are the best paint pens for rocks?” for I have shortlisted the top 5 rock painting pens, after personally using them for a variety of rock painting projects. 

Uni-Posca Paint Marker Pen – Medium Point

The first on the list is the all-famous marker pen by Uni-Posca. This brand was one of the few brands that I had tried out during my initial rock painting days. I must tell you that one-third of my fascination for rock painting was built because of the satisfying experience these coloured marker pens gave me while scribbling on the rocks. 


  • Ink pigment used is water-based, which makes the paint non-toxic and waterproof
  • 8 different tip sizes available to suit your rock painting needs perfectly
  • Choose from metallic or glitter ink types to make your paintings come alive
  • Long-lasting premium quality nibs with no leakage
  • Premium quality marker pens for rich colour production
  • Non-alcohol based ink for non-bleeding performance


Limited colors available

Uni-Posca is one of the many brands that give you an experience that is worth a lot more than what you pay for. The ink used in the Posca paint pens for rocks is water-based with no alcohol, which prevents the ink from bleeding. The Uni-Posca Paint Marker Pen – Medium Point is, by far, the best all-around paint pen for you to start rock painting right away!

Konker Acrylic Paint Markers

If you have been searching for the best refillable paint pen that produces optimum quality ink, then the Konker Acrylic paint markers would be your best bet. This marker comes with a size of 2mm round for higher precision. 


Opaque matte finish ink that produces vivid colors on the canvas (rock)

Acrylic ink makes it easier for priming

Ink is water-based, which dries quickly without any drips

Money saver paint markers – Refillable ink for tension-free painting

Pump Action Paint Flow for accurate and non-stop paint lines


  • Pens’ caps are hard to get off and on.

The Konker Acrylic paint markers are comfortable to use, thanks to the highly précised pump action tips that lets the ink flow fluidly while being in control. These premium-quality refillable paint pens are made from eco-friendly materials, which make them safe and non-toxic to use. 

Artistro Paint pens for Rock Painting

Have you been looking for some paint pens that can do wonders on any surface, be it rock, stone, glass, or wood? Your quest for such a multi-purpose pen ends here with the Artistro paint pens. 


  • Water-based ink that dries fast with no paint drips
  • A thick coating of the paint is highly durable and provides a professional look for your paintings
  • Multi-purpose paint pens to unleash your creativity on various surfaces 
  • Non-toxic and odor-free paint for safe use
  • Highly effective for intricate detailing of your paintings


  • Non-refillable paint pens

The Artistro offers a wide spectrum of essential colors that are highly opaque and produces a glossy finish on any light or dark surface. Whether you need painting pens for metals, rocks, or pottery, Artistro will not disappoint you. Apart from the multi-purpose functionality, the premium design of these pens will steal your heart away!

ARTarlei Permanent Paint Markers

Irrespective of how good the best brands of paint pens perform, they are certainly not inexpensive, especially those that are non-refillable. Therefore, if you are a little tight on your budget and cannot comprise your paintings with the cheap quality pens, then the ARTarlei Permanent Paint Markers would be the right choice. 


  • Inexpensive – easier on your pocket without compromising on quality
  • Multi-purpose paint markers for a variety of uses
  • Multi-surface paint markers – rock, stone, glass, or clay, paint anywhere
  • Long-lasting paint that is fade-proof and waterproof
  • 30-Days full money-back guarantee with a 1-Year replacement warranty 


  • Paint dries up very fast which might be a concern for some.

The paint used in ARTarlei is non-toxic and has been certified to be safe for kids. The 30-Days money-back guarantee given by ARTicle provides peace of mind, as you can return the product and get your refund in 30 days if you don’t feel satisfied with the paint pens. 

 Antique Fine Tip Paint pens for Rock Painting

If you are a novice who is beginning to try her or his hands on rock painting, then some guidance is necessary during your early days. Since it is not feasible for me to guide you in person, I recommend the brand that will help you in your endeavour. 

Along with the premium fine-tip pens, Artiqo also provides a rock painting ebook that will guide you to master the art and spark your creativity. 


  • Oil-based paint that provides opaque and fully concentrated paint coverage
  • Set of 15 bold colors that are necessary to make your paintings pop-out
  • Works flawlessly on rocks, glass, plastic, and ceramic
  • Fine tip pens for precise designing of intricate lines in your paintings


  • Not suitable for wooden surfaces

The oil-based paint used in Artigo Fine Tip Paint pens dries up comparatively faster and is waterproof. These paint pens provide full control to the artist and do not bleed, leak, or run.  If you are someone who likes family-friendly crafting, then the Artigo would be the ideal choice for you. 

Your questions’ answered. FAQ

Now that you are aware of the best-in-class paint pens for rock painting, it’s time to answer those pestering questions in your mind. 

What Supplies Are Needed To Paint Rocks?

The essential supplies that you need to start painting rocks are as follows:

Rocks! Your new canvas now would be a rock, so it is advisable to choose ones with suitable shape, size, and texture.

Rock painting pens – Although I have already shortlisted the top 5 paint pens, if you were to ask me which one of those do I recommend, it would be the Posca paint pens for rocks.

Along with the paint pens, you might also need some brushes and other painting supplies, which will give your rock paintings a unique look.

Sealer – To keep your rock paintings intact, you need to use a brush-on sealer.

Are Posca Pens Toxic?

Posca paint pens for rocks use pigment paint and has a similar application technique as the other acrylic paints in the market. The water-based ink pigments used in these paint pens are not toxic and give rich and dark color production. 

Although since these pain pens are not a cosmetic product, they are not tested with regards to dermatology standards. Therefore, it is advisable that you first test the paint before fully using it. 

Do Posca Markers Wash Off?

The Posca paint pens for rocks are built with state-of-the-art technology of a precise marker’s piston mechanism, which helps the tip of these pens easily washable and replaceable. 

After continuous usage, the pens’ tips can dry out completely. In such cases, simply soak the tip in water for some time, and your Posca pens would be ready to use again. 

Can You Paint Rocks With Sharpies?

For any beginner rock painter, the question of “Can I use Sharpies to paint rocks?” usually lingers in their mind. The one-word answer to your pestering question is a simple, “Yes!”

On the other hand, if you wonder if a Sharpie would be the best tool to draw on a stone or a rock, then the answer becomes negative. Some of the problems that you might use while using a Sharpie for rock painting are:

It fades away quickly when you leave it outside.

It is very difficult to seal a Sharpie art.

In the end, it’s a matter of personal preference, and if these factors are not a significant concern for you, then you can always use a Sharpie to draw on rocks. 

How do you waterproof painted rocks?

The most usual way to protect your painted rocks from any kind of water damage is to seal them with a sealer. One of the best sealers available in the market is Krylon 1305 Gallery Series Artist and Clear Coatings Aerosol, which makes your rock painting completely waterproof. 

On the other hand, if you use paints such as the Posca paint pens for rocks, then you would not need to use a sealer because of its self-sealing feature that automatically makes your paintings waterproof. 

What is the best sealant for rock painting?

The Krylon 1305 Gallery Series Artist and Clear Coatings Aerosol is a sealer that not only protects your rock paintings from water but also protects it from the harmful UV rays of the sun. With this sealer on, you can leave your rock paintings outside, and they will keep shining like new even after a long time. 

How do you seal Rock Art?

A sealer’s work is to protect your paintings from moisture, water, and harmful UV rays of the sun. All you need to do is shake the bottle of the sealer firmly for a minute and spray it evenly over your painting. 

The thick coating of the sealer will take a couple of minutes to dry completely, and once it’s done, it will provide a permanent glossy and protective coating for your painting. A good quality sealer, such as the Krylon 1305 Gallery Series Artist and Clear Coatings Aerosol, protects your paintings and enhances the contrast and improves your artwork. 

Final thoughts

In the end, I hope to have answered all of your pestering questions like “What are the best paint pens for rocks?” and “Do you need to seal painted rocks?”

Whether you use a sealer or a waterproof paint pen, such as the Uni-Posca Paint Marker, it all boils down to your preference. Every paint pen has its pros and cons, and hence, you should choose one that suits your style.

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