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What is Content Marketing and How Does It Work

For all those who do not have a fair idea about what Content Marketing is and how Content Marketing works, here is an article that would throw light on the same. One that would help you better understand this popular and important concept related to Digital Marketing.  

Let’s begin with the definition….

What do you understand by the term content marketing?

Content Marketing is basically a marketing strategy that involves creation and publishing of relevant, quality, attractive and consistent content of all kinds, so as to attract and retain a target audience – that eventually results into driving customer action that is profitable.  

Content Marketing

This being an area of expertise, is there any specific individual who is responsible for handling and taking care of this job? Well, usually, it is the Content Marketing Strategist who is responsible for designing, creating and deploying a suitable strategy (a Digital Content Strategy majority of the times), for obtaining the desired results. They happen to possess the required skills and knowledge to hold this position, and carry out the job.   

The important thing to note here is that the Content Marketing material need not always be sales oriented. In fact, the purpose of Content Marketing is to make available useful information to the audience. This would enable them to know more about your products and services. Ultimately, they would reach out to you for more information.

The success of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which forms a major and important part of Digital Marketing, is attributed to Content Marketing. Thus, we can say that Content Marketing and SEO go hand in hand.  

Content marketing strategy

An optimum, suitable, and relevant Content Marketing strategy is the thing that will define the level of success one would achieve with Content Marketing.

Content marketing strategy

Designing and creating such a Content Marketing strategy is dependent on various factors like the purpose, target audience, platform to be used etc. E.g. Social media content marketing strategy would be different than that of web content marketing; while a branded content marketing strategy would comprise of something else as compared to SEO content marketing, and so on…Also, based on the type of business, the Content Marketing strategy would again vary. The requirements of B2B content marketing are distinct as compared to B2C or C2B Content Marketing.

So, having in place the right Content Marketing strategy based on the requirements and your goal will bring in the desired results.  

We thus saw an overview of Content Marketing strategy, which forms a critical part of Content Marketing.       

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Moving on… we will now turn our attention towards the second part that is understanding how Content Marketing works.

How does it work?

First things first, Content Marketing carried out in a proper manner helps in providing valuable information to the audience. That too, in both an entertaining and relatable manner. After all, that is what counts the most. The best part being, it is not hard sales material.

Content marketing

Just recall the number of emails that are created specifically in order to sell you something and you happen to delete without taking the trouble to even open them. An example of custom Content Marketing. Also, remember how fast one switches a particular channel in the event an excessive salesy infomercial plays. These days, all of us are bombarded with numerous sales and ad offers each day. Literally thousands of times! So much so that another sales message is the last thing one needs while looking out for answers or anything refreshing. This is exactly what Content Marketing avoids while focusing on engaging with the target customers and the overall customers in general. 

In today’s times, a whole variety and forms of content is available to us. With the use of different types of suitable content such as blogs, social media posts, eBooks, videos, graphics etc. as a part of Content Marketing, one is able to not just attract the potential customers, but also can engage them such that they move further along the sales funnel. 

Brand loyalty is what one is able to establish, through the creation of content that is relevant and of value to the customers. Anytime better than simply earning those sales points for your sake. Loyalty is amongst those things which is definitely hard-earned, but at the same time, once established, it is difficult to shake. This is what makes loyalty extremely precious in the world of Online Marketing.

From all this, it is pretty clear that Content Marketing is definitely an expert’s job. Therefore, many of the businesses or individuals out there, hire the services of a Content Marketing agency. They happen to have the necessary expert brains that cater to your marketing requirements. Such experts can help you with specialized areas like content for Social Media Marketing, content marketing guest posting, content performance marketing and you name it.

Content marketing services

If we compare with the traditional marketing tactics, Content Marketing can be said to be far better at bringing value. Be it consumers or the brands. As per the current trend, just about anyone and everyone is using Content Marketing. Whether they know and are aware about it or not. However, one thing got to be made clear here that it is those organizations or individuals who have formalized strategies in place, happen to gain the maximum ROI from their efforts.

Going ahead, Content Marketing is likewise considered to be the best and amongst the most effective mediums to transform your product or service into something which is different from anybody else’s. Irrespective of how common your product or service is.  Also, the fact is that revenue generation forms the primary goal of majority of the marketers out there. In such a case, Content Marketing can prove to be a powerful driver. But how? You might be wondering. Well, when one goes about building an audience that trusts and is eager to hear from you, the chance of them purchasing your products increases manifolds. Eventually, this will lead to more revenue generation.

Whichever type of marketing tactics and techniques one might be using and how Content Marketing works, Content Marketing got to be a part of your process. An inevitable thing that one cannot simply separate out. After all, it is quality content that forms the core of all forms of marketing.    

So, if one is to summarize and list out the three key reasons as to why Content Marketing is handy, they are as follows,

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Rise in sales
  • Better customers having more loyalty

It is Content Marketing that assures an increase in the sales and better audience and customers that possess more loyalty towards the brand under consideration. All of this is possible with Content Marketing, that too in a cost effective manner. At a lesser cost to be exact!

Content Marketing agency India

Following are a few interesting stats that prove that Content Marketing does actually work and works big,

  • Companies having blogs happen to get as much as 67% more leads as against those who do not have one.
  • Almost 50% of buyers continue to view 3 to 5 pieces of relevant content prior to engaging with a sales person.
  • Close rates of Inbound Marketing continue to be 8 to 10 times greater as compared to those of the Outbound Marketing efforts.

Content Marketing demands a lot of work, patience and persistence; and isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. In spite of this, it proves to be an ideal approach if you are a person who is actually looking to offer a better experience to your customers along with making a positive impact on the business with respect to its bottom line and perception.


As mentioned above, Content Marketing is an expert’s job. So, if you are planning to include Content Marketing as a part of your overall marketing strategy, then there can be three approaches to go about it. First is to yourself acquire the necessary skills, knowledge and then implement it and know how Content Marketing works. This option is feasible only if one is having and ready to invest the required time in gaining them. The second option is having on-board Content Marketing experts who would handle it for you, by providing various Content Marketing solutions based on your needs. The third option involves going about hiring the Content Marketing services of an agency. A number of Content Marketing firms are present, and they happen to provide customized Content Marketing solutions. So, taking into consideration various factors like monetary, expertise, reliability, experience etc., one can go about availing the services of a suitable Content Marketing agency India,or abroad.

We hope that you found this article to be informative and useful. For more of such articles, do visit again.

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