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How to find and validate app ideas?

Mobile app business if planned and implemented successfully offers fabulous returns. For example, Uber that started its journey as a start-up is now valued at over $ 60 billion. Snap, another popular app has a total market capitalization of $ 33 billion. There are many such examples in the market. here we are providing how to find app ideas

If you are also thinking about developing an app based on a great idea, then you must first find the right idea that will strike a chord with the users.

Once you have found the idea, the next step is to validate it so that you can safely invest your time, money, and effort into it.

How to find a great mobile app idea?

One of the best and easiest ways to find an app ideas is by looking at various events, issues, and situations and thinking about how an app would have improved it.

This critical thinking about how a mobile app can do something more easily, interestingly as well as give more options to the app user has spawned hundreds of apps.

However, if you do not get a creative spark just by looking at the situation around you, then follow the steps that we have mentioned here to find inspiration about mobile app ideas.

Research the App Store

First, find your preferred category in which you want to make a mobile app.

Now, look through the list of top applications in the app store to find whether they have some important features missing or whether they can be designed differently.

Look at the app rating and review websites

You have to look at the various websites that review the new apps that are launched in the market.

Such websites also provide details about new businesses that are being launched.

You can go through these NEWS snippets to find whether you can take any of these businesses on mobile.

Brainstorm with other entrepreneurs 

You should attend panel meetings or conferences of young entrepreneurs looking for great ideas.

If you find one, then you can offer to provide financial backup to make that idea into an app.

Look at those ideas that are attracting more funds

You should check the business news to find which ideas are being funded.

This will give you a clear understanding of which apps are getting the maximum attention, which information you can then use profitably by placing yourself in it.

After you have zeroed in on an exciting idea, you might have a question, What next? For this, you can check out this extensive guide on what to do with an app idea.

Now, we are moving towards the most important part, which is idea validation.

Different stages of idea validation

Validation of an idea is extremely important.

Many a time the people who have thought about an idea fall into a biased perspective when they try to evaluate its market acceptance on their own.

In such a situation, they may believe that their apps are the next big thing.

The five different ways through which you can validate an app ideas are as follows.

Talk to the target audience

Talking to the potential end-users of the mobile app is the first step in putting forth your app idea to the world.

You can create a targeted survey about your app features amongst your target audience to get their perspective or interest rate in your idea.

Research in the app stores

You should research your preferred category in the app market for the app that is based on an idea that is very close to what you want to implement.

Make a list of all the apps in this category and look at the features they have in common and those features that you want to put in your app that are missing on these listed mobile apps.

The last part is to go through the reviews and feedback to find out which features the mobile app users like and whatnot.

Keyword research

Keyword research will give you an idea of what your target audience in the App Store is saying about this topic.

You can create a list of 15 to 20 catchphrases that you believe your target audience will use if they are looking for an app that you wish to build.

Looking at the search volume of these catchphrases you will know the popularity of your idea among your target audience based on which you wish to make a mobile app.

Create a landing page

You should create a landing page in which you will describe your application, provide some screenshots or mock-up of the app, and offer an email subscription form. Now share this landing page with those whom you have surveyed earlier.

Analyse how they interact with the mobile app idea. The more they stay on the page; it will show that they are intrigued by the idea and how much they like it.

Put your app idea on websites for validation

There are many websites in which you can submit your app idea so that other entrepreneurs can look and evaluate it.

Through these websites, you can tell other entrepreneurs briefly about the app description as well as some of the important features that you want to include in it.

This will give you a great platform to share your app idea with the world.


Putting life into an idea requires a lot of time and money. Therefore, you must validate your mobile app idea before you start the process of getting your idea off the ground.

Lastly, it all boils down to how innovative your idea is, what is the latest demand for that idea in the market and how many people you have been able to contact and validate your mobile app idea.

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