How to make Virtual Events more engaging

Audiences have become conversant with Virtual Events. Traversing in Virtual Lobbies and attending virtual sessions is now usual and quite accepted. Now it is the responsibility of marketers to bring innovation in this virtual space and keep the audience engaged. Here are a few ways you can make your virtual event more engaging and effective


 The most effective way to engage with your Virtual Event audience is through gamification.

  • You can create games around the areas/topics where you seek feedback from your audience (they could be your employees or customers) and get valuable insights without much effort.
  • Gamification based on Event themes is also a good idea. For example, a real estate company can create a Virtual treasure hunt using the design of their new sample flat.
  • Simple games like cross and dot can also be integrated. People can play while waiting for the next session
  • Codes for Online games are readily available, keep making a pool and use them whenever you want. On Platoo, you can add any online game (provided the source code is available) and in any number.

Customised Immersive Designs

 Static is boring, so if you want to impress your audience – customized 3D design is your way.

  • Transition Videos and dynamic backgrounds surely elevate the experience of attendees and help in brand building.
  • Customized Designs work best for Virtual Events like virtual product launches and brand activation activities.


 Running leaderboards can be very engaging. You can create leaderboards around the number of sessions attended or activities are done or you can simply run a contest.

  • They help in attendee retention and you can make attendees do activities, share feedback or attend sessions that you want.
  • Leaderboards can be used to compare team performances across different locations and departments – a good thing for sales meets and annual review meetings.
  • Leaderboards are best for Virtual Events like Employee Motivation, Team building, Family Day, Virtual AGMs, Virtual Sales Meets, etc.

AI & ML based Networking Options

 If your conference is spanning 2-3 days then it becomes difficult for the attendees to keep a track of events and who all to connect with.

  • Platoo offers AI and ML-based networking options where based on attendees’ profile and interest this Virtual Events Platform will suggest sessions to attend and people to connect with.
  • It also offers trend-based Networking, where you can join a group based on the topics trending in these Networking groups.

Customised Avatars

 The NEW thing in Virtual Space is Customised Avatars. Attendees have to share a picture and fill in quick details to have their customized Avatar ready. Once done this Avatar will traverse across the Virtual Event as the attendee itself. You can connect with other avatars and talk to them just like in-person conversations. Interesting right?

Virtual Event Agenda

 Updating Virtual Event Agenda real-time is a good practice. It helps attendees plan their day at the virtual event better. On Platoo, the organizers can edit the agenda in real-time, a feature that is very unique to this platform. The attendees can pin their sessions and they get real-time notifications when their session is about to start. This feature of Dynamic Agenda is very useful for virtual events like Virtual Conclaves, Virtual Conferences, Virtual Expo, and Virtual Trade Shows.

Meeting Rooms

 Lead generation and Networking are at the core of Events. With the events moving to virtual space, Networking has been a point of concern for both – the organizers and the attendees. Creating multiple networking options and creating more avenues to interact can make Virtual Event more effective and efficient. Many Platforms have a feature of meeting rooms – Private and Public. Public meeting rooms are open for the attendees and in Private, attendees can enter only with the host’s permission. Attendees can also pre-fix meetings with exhibitors and the speakers. Such formats are very useful for Virtual Exhibitions, Virtual Conferences, Expos, And Virtual trade shows.

Virtual Concerts:

 There is no better way to engage the audience than hosting Virtual Concerts. In most events, these concerts attract attendees in big numbers. When planning a virtual concert it’s important to produce it in a way that works well in the virtual environment. Concerts should be immersive; don’t just stream a video feed. Instead, create something specifically for the virtual world.


 Planning Souvenirs and Giveaways for your Virtual Event can be a very good idea too. Giveaways are great for brand retention and Souvenirs also work really well with speakers, organizers, and attendees. Brands can Giveaways online coupons or discount vouchers for their products and services. Sending a souvenir to speakers and delegates over the courier will also add to their experience.

Watch Virtual Event with your Friends

Creating Experiences on Virtual Events has become very crucial for marketers and event organizers. It is important to create new avenues for interaction on these Virtual Events. Platoo has a very interesting feature of Shared Experiences, where attendees can watch virtual events with their friends or colleagues (who are attending the same event) and interact with each other just like old times.

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