How to use Skype for VoIP business phone integration

As a telecommunication VoIP provider, it is important to stay on top of all the latest technologies. It is also important for companies who use them. Therefore, it only makes sense to research if Skype can replace a PBX system or if Skype business is a competitor for other business phones. Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss whether Skype business is a viable option for businesses around the world. 

What is Skype for Business?

Skype is a proprietary Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) through its protocol based on peer-to-peer (P2P) networking; basically, it works by creating ad-hoc, direct communication between two computers over the Internet. Skype was bought in 2009 by eBay and was later sold in 2011 to Microsoft. You may know about Lync which Microsoft’s business communication software is made available in 2011. In 2014 Microsoft announced that Skype for business would replace Lync. So, Skype for business officially released in 2015, it is included in Microsoft Office 365 which is an online subscription which includes file storage and office apps. 

Current Status of Skype for Business and PBX Integration

Microsoft has also included PSTN connectivity which was only available to a subset of office 365 users. Now Skype for business is available for purchase for everyone. This system provides the business with the ease of communication without having to travel long distances to talk to someone or trying to describe things over the phone. Skype has become a platform for all business relationships and what so many people do not recognise is the significant of Skype in the sciences. Skype aims to cut down the geographical boundaries that some can overcome during conferences and it helps a business save money that otherwise would be spent on shipping. 

What is Skype Connect and how it works?

Skype connect is another VoIP phone service by Skype that establishes connectivity between the Skype community and your business. Your business can actually save on communication cost when add Skype connect to an existing SIP-enabled PBX, all with little or no extra upgrades. You can receive Skype phone calls on your office telephones and make cheap phone calls by integrating Skype with your SIP or Voice over IP phone system.

By using Skype connect a company can make and receive Skype calls at great value through desk phones. Just like VoIP number Skype has Skype numbers on which your customers can call your business for free as well. Skype phone numbers are connected with your Skype business accounts that are associated with SIP-enabled PBX. Skype Connect is managed with Skype. With Skype connect you can:

Create a SIP Profile: 

A SIP profile is a SIP user account which has all o the configuration data for Skype connect service. You can also set up several SIP profiles depending on business needs and budget.

Purchase Channel Subscriptions: 

These subscriptions are for concurrent calling channels that you would use with SIP profile. These subscriptions have monthly charges.

Set up inbound calling with Skype accounts: 

You can add one or multiple Skype phone numbers to your SIP profiles to make and receive calls from landline phones and mobile phones. You can also implement a Skype button on emails and websites so your customers can call you on Skype. 

· Assign Skype Credit to any SIP Profile: if you intend on making calls then you can manage the outbound call expenses by allocating Skype credit to your SIP profile and you can set up an Auto-recharge option to ensure your Skype credit is always sufficient to make phone calls. 

Set up inbound calling using Skype Numbers: 

For inbound calling, you can add Skype phone numbers to a SIP profile to receive phone calls from landlines and mobiles. You can also set up Caller ID to make sure people know it’s you when calling them.

Skype connect Pros and Cons


· It can support large meeting numbers.

· Its newly refreshed and has very little lag time.

· It can effectively integrate with existing Skype users.


· Skype for Business has mobile capabilities which need a few small updates, as users have reportedly run across some glitches that could be due to connectivity issues.

Verdict on Skype for business

Like any big decision, you should not make the decision of business phone system in a hurry. Always ask around on social networks or bring the subject up at networking events. Talk to your business partners and your Clients. Or maybe just give it a try and get some telephone Numbers in UK from Skype. Skype surely can be a supplement, but it can’t replace as business phone system. Even though Skype isn’t perfect, it may be good enough.

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