Kids Math App: New way of learning Maths

Mathematics is an essential part of one’s entire life and one needs to have the basics clear from the beginning. Unlike old times when the only resort of getting a good hold on basics was either schools or tuitions, technology has paved new paths and has helped kids in learning the basics with new and innovative means. Know Kids Math App Review here

The new years of technology have given us ample ways to get an insight into the basics of Mathematics and successfully proved to lay out the knowledge and basics in the right direction. One such form of the technology is Kids Math Apps that strives at educating children to the best of their abilities and prove to be beneficial all their lives.

Kids Math App: New way of learning Maths

The Kids Math App by Systweak Software Private Limited is a cool app designed to help kids of age group 6 12 learn mathematics calculations like addition and subtraction, multiplication, and division.

The app is curated in an innovative manner that attracts kids to learn more. Whenever kids solve specific levels they get rewarded with medals to keep them engaged.

This helps them have a good hold on their basic concepts. It also helps them have a good concentration level, better time management, and overall brain development.

The Kids Math App lets kids solve mathematical problems that are presented in the form of balloons and they simply need to type the answer using the keyboard. For each correct answer, they proceed further in the level and for each wrong answer, a life is compromised.

How Does The Kids Math App Works?

Lets now see how the app works towards making kids prepare for a brighter future.

  • Download the Kids Math App from Google Play Store and install it on your Android device.
  • Once done launch the app and choose the mathematical operation you want to solve.
Kids Math App
  • Post this, you will be represented by questions in the form of balloons. All you need to do is answer correctly by typing from the keyboard.
Kids Math App
  • For every correct answer, the balloon pops up and for each incorrect answer, it falls gradually. You can take as many attempts to give the correct answer until the balloon falls.
Kids Math App
  • After you have completed the questionnaire, you get rewarded by a medal after clearing a certain number of levels.


Kids Math App is an amazing app loaded with features:

  • Easy to use and interactive user interface to keep the kids engaged.
  • The App can easily be shared via different platforms by navigating to the Settings.
  • Amazing math app to have a grip on the basic mathematical operations.
  • It is present in two different themes namely light and dark.
  • Promotes time-management and enhanced motor skills.
  • Keeps kids engaged and develops a zeal for learning by awarding medals after they successfully clear different levels.
  • After the levels have been completed, it gives a scorecard for each level.

Benefits of the Kids Math App:

Below are the various benefits of the Kids Math App:

  • Inculcate better learning skills and a deep understanding of mathematical concepts.
  • Improves concentration.
  • Promoted motor skills in kids.
  • Kids learn time-management skills.
  • Can easily be used independently by kids.

Different Medals:

Kids Math App rewards kids with different medals after clearing different levels with variation in difficulty These medals are named the Bronze medal, Silver medal, Platinum medal, Diamond medal, Master medal, and Grand Master Medal.

Kids Math App

Application Specifications:

Developer: Systweak Software Private Limited.

App Version:

Compatibility: Android version 5.1 and up.

Size of the Application: 21M

During the pandemic times when kids do not have access to physical classes and are limited to only online classes conducted by the schools, they heavily rely on educational apps that can help them utilize their time in the right direction. Kids Maths App is a perfect way to make kids learn the basic concepts of Math and develop logical skills.

Its user interface attracts kids to enjoy studying joyously and helps them improve their concentration and basics of math without any fuss and problems. This also motivates the kids to learn more by simply playing with some questions. Download today and help your kids improve in Mathematics.

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