PHP & Laravel: The Perfect Way to an Advanced Application

The quote seems to be too real when it comes to web application development, each app is different from the rest, but the challenge is to be better.

To be better, the application must be based on some brilliant technologies. The current tech-savvy times require an entrepreneur to outstand in the market, surpass all competition, and become “the one” in app development. To be better than the rest is the way to be on the road of success.

But the question that arises in the minds of many business owners dealing with technology is, “What is the right tech for their project?”

How can they make sure they choose the combination of the right technologies that will prove to be beneficial for their brand?

Well, to be honest, there’s no specific technology that fits perfectly with all project needs, but there’s one that goes well with almost all project types. It still provides an abundance of frameworks to help a project owner with nearly everything if it doesn’t.

And the brilliant scripting language that will keep you ahead of the competition is nothing other than the beloved PHP.

However, you would have to hire PHP developers to move forward with tapping the potential of your project with the incredible language.

What is PHP?

PHP is considered one of the most admired scripting languages, universally utilized, and limitlessly liked for creating dynamic and robust sites.

web application

In 1994, Rasmus Lerdorf developed PHP as a Common Gateway Interface (CGI) coded in binary in the C programming language.

Rasmus at first used PHP to keep track of the visits to his resume, which is the reason PHP meant “Individual Home Page” initially, usually known as “PHP Tools.”

Be that as it may, while times turned out to be a further web application, the requirement for better usefulness emerged, which is why he revamped PHP Tools, giving it an immense and rich usage.

This “new” PHP model was equipped for performing database interactions and more significant levels of development. It likewise offered several frameworks, using which developers could build up a powerful web application effortlessly.

The buzz around PHP generated and increased as times scaled, and currently, In 2020, the report shared by W3Tech proposes that PHP backs around 79% of the active websites on the web.

Even though there are millions of websites built in PHP, there are some famous brands you have definitely heard of. They also embed Facebook feed on WordPress, HTML, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, and other website platform.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a PHP framework that is, to date, one of the most liked technologies of all time. Even though the framework was launched in 2011, it gained massive popularity as an open-source PHP framework globally in a short time.

The laravel especially rules in web app development, which is why it holds an excellent market reputation. It has gained the name due to its ability to manage complex sites securely and at a better pace than its competitors.

Laravel provides solutions to ease out multiple tasks, such as authentications, caching, sessions and routing.

Some incredible features provided by Laravel are:

  1. Modular packaging system
  2. Dependency manager
  3. Multiple ways of facilitating database interactions
  4. Features to boost application deployment
  5. Greater Maintenance
  6. Inclination towards syntactic sugar

However, you will have to look for expert laravel developers to work with you on your project and efficiently use every functionality laravel has to offer.

Advantages of amalgamating Laravel and PHP:

1. MVC Architecture for Code Organisation:

The laravel framework is supported by MVC (Model View Controller) architecture, which handles and divides particular development aspects of any application that is being developed. This further boosts the development process’s efficiency and allows the developer to write neat and clean codes, proving to be better in the documentation.

2. Light-weight Layouts:

The Laravel layouts remain top-notch when it comes to providing content speed and excellent designs. Since the layouts are light-weight, development through Laravel is straightforward yet effective. In addition to that, it offers a vast widget collection with solidly structured JS codes and CSS codes.

3. Built-in Tools:

Like many other frameworks present on the internet, Laravel is embedded with various devices that improve all typical tasks. The framework has crucial built-in functions such as directing, caching, and authentication.

4. Lean Development Solutions:

This one feature is considered to be one of the most interesting in the Laravel structure. Lumen, a micro-framework that shares precisely the same principles of Laravel, however, still focuses on lean development. When you hire a PHP programmer, you can make sure all mini-tasks are developed easily and quickly. Lumen would help the developer to replicate Laravel’s code and incorporate all features in minimum setup.

5. Included authorization libraries:

Laravel is integrated with authorization libraries that facilitate numerous development settings and self-adjusts according to the application’s system. The attribute is so distinct that it’s hard to find this in any other framework.

6. Device Screening:

The device testing attribute is a guarantee in itself that no new change must turn into a concern, and this is done by running multiple examinations. Although the development of the system screening requires a significant amount of time, the application can still function with no problems.

7. Neat Paperwork with MVC Assistance:

Laravel is well documented; it is neat, reasonable, and ordered. Laravel also supports the design architecture, which brings out an array of integrated functions to choose from, for better development design.

8. Author Function:

Laravel uses the author’s dependence supervisor for upgrades and installation of multiple third-party packages. Therefore, Expert Laravel Developers can promptly take care of all the dependencies. Using this, a designer can easily web application for any dimension.

9. Interior Themes:

A practical yet light-weight templating engine known as Blade is pre-installed in Laravel. The themes blade consists of are compiled as a simple PHP and are also cached for greater efficiency.

10. Object-Oriented Libraries:

Laravel is the only known framework that hosts a selection of already installed collections. The collection that is considered to be the most advantageous and famous is the Authentication Collection; this provides the developer with many innovative features to assist with database and login safety tasks.

11. Database Migration:

Laravel provides an easy way to database migration since it eliminates the need to duplicate data sources each time a new adjustment is made. With no need for duplication, there are no chances of a developer losing data logically.

It is safe to say that Laravel has provided a safer and faster way to migrate the data source. It also uses an intelligent encryption formula for making sure of the safety of data source passwords.


The abilities held by PHP are unbeatable by any other scripting language, and the same abilities with better and advanced features have been passed on to Laravel. Therefore many companies starting with a new tech-savvy project prefer to hire a PHP coder to complete the tasks.

Both PHP (individually) and Laravel are two of the most loved technologies of all time, and it’s smart to choose any two of them for web application development.

If you wish to extend all limits, customize your project to the extent you like, then Core PHP would be the right fit for you, and if you want to develop your project without hampering with the quality quickly, the Laravel should be your choice.

Either way, you are going in the right direction.

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