10 Sports Mobile App Ideas That Will Make Money in the Next Years

sports app ideas

Sports are a great source of entertainment for millions of people all over the world. The advances in technology have ensured that the information regarding who is winning a big game, how the team you support is doing in a tournament, and the latest news regarding your favourite sports are available on your fingertips. Thanks to the Internet revolution and penetration of smartphones, people demand to watch anything, anytime on their mobile phone and sports are no exception to this rule. here we are provide top 10 sports app ideas.

In this article, we will share with you some great ideas for sports apps that you can implement for ordinary viewers, athletes, team management and others. So get set go!

10 great sports app ideas that will give you a healthy return

An App showing the Latest Sporting News

Creating a sports app that focuses on providing relevant information about different sporting events can be a great hit amongst the sports enthusiasts. You can develop a mobile sports app for providing detailed news and analysis regarding different sporting events, with a few added features like forecast report, a live report from the stadium where the match took place and so on.

The sports news app summarises all kinds of information regarding a particular sporting discipline. It can include interviews with the sports persons, experts, and coaches. Additionally, it can also include showing real-time scores, video recordings, live streaming of the game, and Podcasts.

Quick Sporting Updates

You can create a sports app that offers quick and real-time updates of matches that are being played. Many people do not have the time or inclination to go through a detailed analysis of a sporting event. For such people, you can create a sporting app that offers quick updates about those sporting events in which they are interested.

Live Streaming Sports App

People on the move do not have time to sit and watch their favorite sporting event in front of a TV. To fulfill the needs of all such people you can consider sports app development to build a feature-rich sports app that allows live-streaming of different sports worldwide.

Also, don’t forget to include some essential features in the live-streaming app like Chromecast support, advanced search options, language settings, streaming quality, etc.

Team Management Sporting App

You can build a team management app that would streamline the activities of the coaches as well as team members and help them to connect better. This app should provide some important information about the team members (like their addresses, email and phone number), offer chat options and have a schedule tracker. Such an app would help the management to organise games and training sessions, analyse the team performance, and send the invitation to team members and so on.

Sports Betting App

Betting on sports is a big thing and people find it exciting to put their money on their favourite team and earn a tidy profit if their team wins. A sports app that is focused on offering bets on various sporting events and teams is a great idea that you can pursue. To make your sporting app successful, you must create the necessary backend infrastructure wherein a huge amount of data can be processed. To cater to a wider audience the app should allow the users to place their bet on different currencies including the cryptocurrencies.

Ticket Sales App

Creating a sports app through which people can purchase tickets for those games they like or may even resell them is a great sporting app idea that you can look into. Many times when a popular event is organised, people who are interested to see the game find it difficult to know about the availability of the tickets on a real-time basis. This app should provide information with 3D graphics about the number and position of seats available in the stadium.

Sports Inventory and Equipment Store App

There is a great demand for such apps that would allow a sportsperson to look for and buy sports equipment, special sports food, sports clothing and other related products. You can build such an app that would sell such items to both professional athletes as well as amateurs.

Sporting Facility Booking App

Another great idea is to create a mobile application that will allow owners of sporting facilities like Gym, swimming pool, stadium, basketball court and others to show when their facilities are free for booking. The app could give information regarding the training session, free practice time, what facilities the sportsperson can use, and how much they have to pay for it.

Fitness App

There is a great demand for fitness applications that can be installed both in the wearables as well as in the smartphone. Such fitness apps are used both by professional athletes as well as by amateurs that use the inbuilt device sensors to offer them a comprehensive fitness solution. You can include various features in your fitness app, including maps, health statistics, nutrition calendar, calorie counter, exercise videos and so on.

Events app

Creating an event app is another great idea in which you can invest your time and money to earn a healthy profit. Such apps help the user in organising a sporting event by detailing various facilities that are available for such an event. Such an app should have various features like a schedule for the event, information regarding the teams that would participate in the event, information regarding the sponsors, ticket booking and so on.


Sporting apps that are designed and targeted perfectly can become a great hit among sports enthusiasts. You can take inspiration from the 10 amazing sports app ideas that we have shared with you in this article and select one that you believe will get the maximum traction in the market. If you don’t have a dedicated app development team of your own, then take help of a specialised mobile app developing company in giving a concrete shape to your idea and watch the app become a lucrative revenue source for you.

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