10 High Tech And Meaningful Web Design Trends in 2020

Web design trends

The web is turning 31 in 2020, in all these years the design of websites went through various changes and due to all these changes we are here with the most advanced, simple, and attractive version of web design. know more about the latest Web Design Trends in 2020.

Just like any other year, we need to look for the ongoing changes that can be beneficial for the upcoming web projects as well as for already running websites and that positive changes are known as trends of the year. So we examined various changes, modification, updation in the design of the websites and after summing all here we are with Web Design Trends in 2020.

1.  Algorithmic design

Nowadays, when the design is being automated, Algorithms design can free up some of the web designer’s time. As you already know Algorithms can tackle much larger problems than a human, much more quickly, thus the same is expected in the web-design field, there are a number of platforms that already started implanting it, Medium and Squarespace are some of them. Algorithmic Design simplified author’s work and also provided a different type of template to use for.

2.  Speculative design

It is a design method that addresses big societal problems and looking towards the future and creates products and services for those scenarios. In other words, Speculative design is a critical design method that is related to a series of similar practices known as critical design, design fiction, future design, anti-design, radical design, interrogative design, discursive design, adversarial design, future-scape, design art, transitional design etc.

Meanwhile, design fiction is a potential genre of speculative design practice, and “critical design” is a possible approach.

3.  Less JavaScript

JavaScript is everywhere now, It creates rich, interactive experiences and also powers entire web applications, but there are also some reported bad facts about its power, and there are some discussions getting movement to use JavaScript more responsibly. And people are starting to use it only when it’s necessary because it impacts web performance.

4.  Machine learning in the browser

There are some platforms getting the attention of web designers these days. Actually, these platforms allow users to Run Machine Learning Models completely in the browser. A person can train them practising live examples, pre-trained models can be also loaded and run Inference on them. With these the user doesn’t have to install any drivers or libraries, they just have to open the browser and they are good to go. Ex. StackML, TensorFlow.js.

5.  Static Websites

Static Sites in this list of trends maybe sounds like we are going back in time and creating simple sites that can’t have anything dynamic. Many experts said that “Static is the new dynamic”. There are some frameworks like Nuxt, Gridsome, Next, Gatsby, Eleventy, etc with it, front end developers can get interactivity and dynamic sites along with magnificent performance. The product as static sites can be later hosted on static hosting services at a very affordable cost.

6.  Privacy protection

Data Privacy is a big deal now, people are understanding the risk of a data breach or data collection, so at your side, it is a good idea to make sure that there is nothing suspicious, keep everything trustable. Protecting privacy is important to establish trust across an increasingly distrustful web, consumers are getting smarter and warier so this part of the web needs a boost, meanwhile, GDPR was considered a good start but there’s still a long way to go.

7.  Make websites respond to the user’s situation

People around the globe are trying to build a website that will react and respond based on a user’s device, input, or environment whether it’s for fun or to improve usability and accessibility. Web and front-end developers have been experimenting with a range of new sensor APIs, that will allow them to create useful, new, and exciting experiences on the web by utilizing the features like device orientation as well as speech recognition.

8.  Design for sustainability

People who are in this field also realize that they are handling a growing, energy-hungry industry. Some reports, as well as experts, stated that information and communications technology may account for between eight and 21 percent of energy consumption by 2030. So this is quite clear that anyone who is making web products needs to minimize energy use in their design and implementation.

9.  Design for immediacy and the rise of user research

This tech-savvy modern world has a glut of distractions, and sites and apps compete for user’s attention. Thus, learning to grab and hold their attention, and maximize the user to spend time on our digital products is essential. There is also a secret-silent fight going between web-apps and site designer to build the best and most attractive one. So, this also needs to be considered in the plan of web designing to stay ahead of your competitors. In short, a Web designer also needs to create a design that lasts longer. always update and learn Web Design Trends.

10. Accessibility goes mainstream

It is not a new trend but people are trying to build a web, accessible to people with disabilities. And now when everyone is completely focused on user experience design strategist and principal, there is a possibility that it can be achieved now. It is a trending topic in web designing these days. Websites and web-based apps now need to work accurately for those who use screen readers as well as for those who can’t easily use a mouse.

In this modern world, everything is getting simpler but powerful at the same time, All the above Web Design Trends need to be considered while working on web-based projects. These trends are getting their momentum and we will soon see them rocking the web-designing field. Contact your web designer or Front-end developer and talk about these points and for a robust solution contact a well-reputed and experienced web designing company, such as SAG IPL. They have a team of experts, all the resources and understanding of the field to complete your project. Make a move and call now.

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