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Why the Instagram Profile is Helpful to Boost the Reach of Your Blog?

Are you marketing or promoting your business through Instagram? If not, then you are missing a great opportunity to market your business as Instagram currently has reached the milestone of a billion active users monthly. Your Instagram Followers can be help you grow your blog by using the effective tactics. Join Instagram and read the simple strategies we offer here, to deliver quality traffic to your site. 

Here’s how to drive website traffic with Instagram.

Add a Website Link to Your Bio

The “link in bio” is one of the most common and easiest ways to drive traffic to your site. Instagram offers you an option to include a single clickable link in your bio, so you must make good use of it. The way to add a clickable link in your bio is to go to the Edit Profile option and then type your link in the Website text box. 


If you want to direct users to a page which will allow them several options from your content rather than leading to a single blog post than there’s a tool called that lets you use the bio clickable link in a rather interesting way. It directs your traffic to a page which looks just like your Instagram feed, where the users only have to click the images, and they will be directed towards your content. 

Track the traffic you get 

Then you can use the analytics dashboard to see which of your content gains the most engagement, by analyzing key insights. When designing a content strategy, you need to keep your focus on high performing posts.  

Tracking the clicks, you get on Instagram will bring in a lot of benefits. You can see where each click comes from leading you to increase subscribers and revenue from email campaigns, newsletters and blog posts. The click rate should also be tracked, which can be done by either using a vanity URL or a Bitly link. 

Capture email addresses through a landing page

This tactic is not only useful for Instagram but also for an eCommerce site, company blog or a YouTube channel. To reap even more benefits, you can come up with an Instagram landing page that offers downloadable content and then captures email addresses through it. The landing page should look a lot like your Instagram feed, so the users feel connected to the interface. 

Place a Call to Action on Images

Come up with Instagram photos that convert. Call to action can be used directing users to your website through an aesthetic image.

This technique can be useful when you have Instagram contests, and your followers are required to add their email information to your site. This will lead you to have sharable branded content that will drive traffic towards your content.

Include a URL in Videos

If aesthetic photos aren’t working with your followers, use videos to drive the traffic you need. Some people enjoy videos a lot more than images and the inbound links generated through videos on Instagram are three times more than what image posts offer. 

One good example of a brand that innovatively uses videos is the Dollar Shave Club. Their videos help them perk up their Instagram feed as their videos work quite similar to how television commercials work.

Consider Instagram Ads

Instagram’s API was recently changed to be opened to all brands and companies. Investing in Instagram will allow you to target the audience you want through people’s interest. To see an increase in eCommerce conversions and website visits, be sure to spend on ads just alongside your Instagram strategy. 

The ads feature clickable links which will let you be creative and at the same time also let your followers know the information they need regarding your digital campaigns. Additionally, you can also attribute direct revenue from the social media giant.  

Instagram sponsored ads come in three types





These types of ads are singular images that attempt to tell a story using a single photo. 


Video ads are somewhat different from organic Instagram videos. They can be shot in either landscape or portrait format and can be 30 seconds long. 


Carousel ads make you able to post up to 4 images, further enhancing your Instagram storytelling. This ad product has been used extensively by car companies, nonprofits and retailers. 

All three types of these ads will have a clickable link to direct traffic to where you want. 

Instagram ads allow you to spread awareness in a much wider audience and market campaigns that track views and sales, prioritizing conversions. 

Reach out to influencers

Influencers are the hot talk about Instagram right now. Ever since Instagram’s Instagram’s Algorithm changed. Influencers have been quite successful. So you can bring these influencers to expand your reach, amplify your message, and increase your brand awareness, at a reasonable price, of course.                                                                                                             

Be sure to connect with the influencers working in your industry and niche no matter if the content is about sports, beauty or fashion. Followers better connect with influencers as they trust their reviews and products.  

When you start working together with an influencer. Make sure that they can utilize calls of action effectively so that their followers make their way to your site. This can be achieved through powerful copy links directed to your website or through Instagram videos. 

Final Thoughts

As Instagram continues to grow at this rapid rate. Make sure you place all your focus in your Instagram strategy, which should be about driving traffic to your site. From the platform, you can look into follower data to form your content strategies, and increase brand awareness by promoting your blog posts using clickable links all through Instagram. 

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