10 Good tips on locks & security

The thief searches for holes in your security:- Most people understand that a good lock is important but think less about the security around other entrances. The thief knows who quickly scans the house’s various doors and windows. It is not enough that they are often only provided with a simple hasp. They are usually tucked away at the back of the house at a comfortable height.

Inspect your home

Take home locksmith Aberdeen, we are specialists in seeing the big picture and can quickly do a free security inspection of your home.

3. Protect yourself against outbreaks The

the thief wants to be able to carry out the stolen goods as quickly as possible. If the thief chooses the entrance or another door, it is the obvious choice. If these have locks with a “safe function”, there will be problems. This means that the doors must be opened with a key even from the inside when no one is home. Window locks and lockable handles on patio doors can be sufficient protection for the thief to refrain from going to that house.

4. What is the lock in?

It does not always help with a modern lock to be safe. In older doors, hinges, espagnolettes, and other things are often substandard. A quick and common way to get in is to attack these with breaking tools. The frames give way easily and the thief is in no time. The solution to this is often as simple as fitting locks with hook bolts that connect the door and the frame.

5. When was the last time you changed the lock?

The demands have increased and a lock is not just a lock. Development is fast and despite this, locks are changed on average every 40 years! This means that they often go 3-4 residents on each lock. New owners should of course buy a new lock. Then you can be sure that you have all the keys to your new home.

6. Have control of all your keys

How many homeowners know where all the keys are? How many copies have been made over the years, distributed, and left lying or lost? Especially if the lock was inherited by previous owners in several stages.

7. Copy-protected keys

Select copy-protected keys. This means that no unauthorized person can make copies of your keys. To make a copy of the keys, you are required to show an ID card or a unique key card that comes with the lock when purchasing.

8. Equal locking comfortably and securely

With equal locking, you use the same key for the house’s doors and windows. If you want, it can also go to the garage, summer cottage, and padlock on the boat. This does not mean that all locks need to be replaced. Emergency locksmith service Aberdeen can often recode existing cylinders so that a key fits in all lock cylinders.

9. Comfortable security is used

When you have easy-to-use locks, they are used. A good example is a code lock. It is excellent protection against spontaneous burglary during the day when you are at home, out on the plot or perhaps make a short visit to the neighbors.

 10. Alarm? Mechanical protection is always the basis

No alarm is so good that it replaces locks. A mechanical basic protection that consists of good and approved locks delays the thief and reduces the risk of the thief entering. Alarms are a good complement to proper mechanical protection.

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