Know Everything About Secure Enterprise Remote Access Solution

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Secure remote access refers to various policies that prevent unauthorized access to a company’s sensitive data or network. Several enterprise remote access solutions let you connect to other devices or systems without being physically present.

Differences between business and enterprise remote control for businesses

Remote access allows you to access a network, computer, or any device from a remote distance. This works best for employees who are not physically present in an enterprise or organization and feel the need to access mobile phones or networks. The system administrator may also want to access their employee devices to monitor or troubleshoot for any issues, and remote access makes it possible. It also allows for faster access to files on the desktop or the servers that connect to any network.

Which is the most secure remote access solution?

Several remote access solutions allow you to connect and access devices and networks from anywhere and anytime. These enterprise remote access solutions are flexible enough to adapt to any change, and they offer efficiency and effectiveness to your team. They include:


Also known as a Virtual Private Network, which acts as a secure tunnel connection that allows you to connect your computer to another private network. The VPN will enable you to access resources and files and secure your browsing over the public network without the need to be physically present in a location. VPNs work well in an enterprise setting, and it gives you access to your company’s network irrespective of your location. It is possible to access files and other resources on intranet websites, databases, and servers through a VPN. A VPN uses encryption to protect your data as it migrates across the internet. However, VPNs do not work well for remote access for third parties. VPN users face several challenges, including:

1. Authentication risks

You will need to provide login credentials such as usernames and passwords when sharing information. Although this process is risky, it is necessary, but you can enhance security by enabling two-factor authentication.

2. Access control issues

VPN does not offer you full access to another computer. Therefore, it is not the right remote access solution if you want to run specific applications on a computer. Besides, VPN networks have some bugs that make it vulnerable to malicious people.

3. Vulnerability to hackers

VPNs are susceptible to security issues such as cyber-attacks. Sometimes, malicious people might breach the company’s essential data.


This is another form of remote access solution. It stands for the Remote Desktop Protocol, and it allows you to establish a secure connection with other machines. Unlike VPN, which does not give you full access to other devices or networks, RDP gives you complete control over them. It is possible to use RDP in conjunction with VPN, and this access solution is compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android devices. However, this network solution is not ideal for working with images and videos because it does not permit you to download the entire file for local playback.

Desktop sharing

Some desktop sharing tools include GoToMyPC and Webex. These tools provide remote access solutions but have their fair share of cons. Some common disadvantages of desktop sharing include:

  • Authentication risks: Enterprises using desktop sharing are vulnerable to cyberattacks through malicious parties because desktop sharing tools are accessible to anybody.
  • Access control issues: It becomes impossible for you to keep an enterprise network secure through desktop sharing services.


Each of the remote access solutions mentioned above provides services depending on your enterprise needs. However, it would help if you always put security measures in place to avoid security breaches.

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