4 Ways Healthcare Is Changing For The Future

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Technology has advanced the lives of people across the globe in many ways. And changes in medical care represent some of the most important uses for recent advancements in technology. The increased diagnostic and treatment capabilities provided through technology have increased both health and happiness for members of the global community. The healthcare pricing solutions provided through these advancements have also been a help to all parties involved with the healthcare delivery process. This forecast is for this trend to increase throughout the 21st century.


The advances telecommunication has encouraged in healthcare are many. One benefit to people who live in rural areas is the ability to meet with doctors and access a level of healthcare via a computer that may otherwise be unavailable to them. Telemedicine is also a money saver for patients. One study showed that visits averaged $100 less when a patient did not have to travel to a hospital or doctor’s office. This fact is great news for patients and medical professionals concerned with healthcare pricing solutions.

Wearable Technology

The market for wearable technology is exploding with growth. These devices are often worn like clothing or clothing accessories and collect data that patients and their doctors can use to monitor and assess vital health markers. Wearable technology options not only include devices that will alert medical authorities to a potentially serious medical issue but also includes watches and wristbands that allow individuals to become more proactive in monitoring their health.


Healthcare CPQ is allowing medical practices to exercise more control over the cost of doing business, improve the experience for their patients, and make it easier for doctors to collaborate on patient care.

The healthcare pricing solutions provided through CPQ technology allows medical professionals to increase the profitability of their practices without allowing prices to grow uncontrollably for patients. Healthcare CPQ guide efforts by clinics and hospitals to align their supply decisions and product pricing with patient behavior. The technology also provides data-driven solutions to help facilitate the key decisions each medical practice faces regarding healthcare pricing solutions.

Sequencing Genomes

Personal genomics is the sequencing and evaluation of an individual’s genome before providing in-depth analysis. Many people in the healthcare field consider personal genomics to be the future of healthcare delivery.

Personal genomics provides a snapshot of the complete genetic makeup of a patient. This snapshot provides medical professionals with information regarding the DNA makeup of the individual and provides insight into how this genetic code manifests itself in the health of the individual. This information helps doctors anticipate what problems a patient may experience in the future and provides a blueprint for what treatments may work best for a particular patient.

The Bottom Line

Recent technological advances have greatly improved the medical care experience for patients around the world. The good news for patients is that this rapid increase in available technology will continue for the foreseeable future. The four medical technology advances chronicled above represent some of the most promising trends in healthcare technology.

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