Long Distance Pinless Calls at Affordable Rates

They are a normal part of our workday, but long-distance calling is not free. The good news is that plans featuring pinless calls offer the most benefits at affordable rates. Going pinless is the best solution for businesses that hold conference calls often or just on occasion.

Pinless Conference Calling

Pinless calling is the simplest way to conduct conference calls. Entering a 10-digit phone number is all a caller has to do to join the call you host. No pin is required.

Available Plans for Pinless Conference Calling

To pick the best plan for your pinless calls, take into consideration the number of callers, frequency, and duration of calls.

More than 350 Callers

If you have more than 350 callers but no more than 1,000, try a Growth plan. It has 15,000 minutes, 15 toll-free lines, and a low per-minute overage rate.

More than 250 Callers

Enterprise plans are for businesses that have between 251 and 350 callers. The plan comes with 5,000 minutes, five toll-free lines, and a lower per-minute overage rate than a Starter plan.

More than 15 Callers

If you have more than 15 but no more than 250 callers, a Starter plan should be fine. It contains one toll-free line, 500 minutes, a low per-minute overage rate for any excess minutes you use.

Up to 15 Callers

The Unlimited plan is very popular because it has one toll-free line and unlimited minutes. If your business typically has up to 15 participants on conference calls, this should meet your needs.

How to Make a Successful Pinless Conference Call

  • Prepare the agenda and send it to participants no later than 24 hours before the conference call to get feedback.
  • If possible, call from a quiet area and avoid setting up the call during loud traffic times.
  • Join the call a few minutes ahead of schedule. Since you are hosting the call, have all your documents ready, and confirm that your camera and microphone are set up properly.

The Right Technology Makes a Difference

Dropped calls, low-quality audio, and other technical issues can cause frustration to all participants including you, the host.

Try these tips:

  • Use a conference calling service that has crystal clear audio.
  • Incorporate video whenever possible. Putting a face with the voice encourages caller participation.

Benefits of Pinless Calling

The top four advantages of going pinless are that it:

  • Frees you from having to remember to send every caller a pin
  • Saves you time when you don’t send pins
  • Enables every caller to seamlessly join a call without a pin
  • Meetings can start on time because every caller doesn’t have to waste it entering a pin

Elements of a Pinless Conference Call

By using a high-quality pinless conference call service, you’ll have the ability to:

  • Lock in your call
  • Speak to a specific caller privately while on a call
  • Review call recordings
  • Remove the call history
  • Know who is on your call

Pinless calls help you to simplify the entire conference calling process. The technology is here, and right now is the perfect time to use it.

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