Top 20 best virtual career fair platforms & software of 2021

In this Pandemic situation to holding your employers in your business is necessary. Due to maintaining social distance the online communication way is popular for video meetings, conferences, and chatting. And 45 % of candidates are preferred to use Virtual hiring events for connectivity. So, that there are so many different best virtual career fair platforms and software of 2021 are listed.

You can use any of these platforms at your convenience for better interaction with your candidates to learn about your culture and opening.

Top 20 best virtual career fair platforms & software of 2021

These all-virtual events share the same basic elements like Landing Page, resume access, lobby rooms, branding, chat, and video.


This Software is like an online event for people who avoid physically meeting and are interested in online meetings from their comfort zone.

In this Dreamcast meeting, the right candidates can reach to each other and can share their great ideas via business meetings, or webinars for their business growth. The host has the facility to create custom touchpoints for a smooth journey as possible. 

It allows downloading all types of data in the form of Sessions, Documents, and PDFs. With the help of this platform, Trade shows can also organize for the targeted audience.


Zoom is an inexpensive choice for users. Powerful and user-friendly functions like video conference, chat, screen sharing, mute the audio by a host of the meeting, and also meeting recording available.

The use of Zoom is free and can use for unlimited time periods.

It is more popular for group meetings and online exhibitions also organized on this platform.

Google meet

The Real-time meeting can be host in this Google meet. You can share your presentation, browser, and video with your customers or teammates.

So many easy features are here like reactions, chat, sharing your desktop with HD video during the meetings.

The Google meet is only available on qualified devices so there is a requirement for technical help. The version of this software is various with the device.

This has three types of plans with different pro versions.

  1. Basic G Suite
  2. G suite business
  3. G suite enterprise 


Every month, numbers of people gather in crowd cast, which is so easy and connective live video events platform.

This platform is mostly used for live Webinars and online conferences with your community. It can use for Face-to-face meetings and also collecting emails and many more. You can invite the audience on the screen through chat.

The setup of this platform is very straightforward.


For the connection in companies and universities, Brazen is like a perfect solution platform.

Brazen has a mobile-friendly interface with well-designed and easy to use. To create a seamless user experience of candidate’s chat-to-video or text-based chats is more desirable.

With this chat technology, you can offer real-time access to leaders or candidates.


Hopin’s virtual career fair platform is based in London. It was founded in 2019. This platform features more live events.

Generally, for hosting webinars, large-scale events, international conferences, workshops,s or meetups Hopin is the best option. The use of this platform is free to use.

This platform has endless potential. You can sell event tickets and then can analyze data from your event.

The conference length of this virtual platform is 500 to 50,000 people.


Paradox launched in 2016, with the belief that hiring managers and leaders can spend their important times with their audience, not with software.

This platform launches virtual hiring events for helping employers meeting with candidates anywhere and anytime.

There is no requirement for form fill-ups or any type of login. Due to the Real-time platform, no user limit is there. Also feature of auto-reminders for no long wait times for candidates.


This software is the world’s most loved platform. Every marketer, organizer, or exhibitor can attend the events.

Bizzabo provides plans and runs for a virtual and in-person seminar or meeting.

In this year Bizzabo has grown up to 100% with the number of events organized by Bizzabo. This platform acts as a leader during pre-pandemic and virtual transition situations.


CareerEco is the virtual platform for those who connect in real-time and allows participants from the comfort zone. The most use of this platform is for students of colleges and employers or associations of business. They can create networking opportunities for their idea’s growth. Students used it easily free of cost.


This solution of the platform is powered by the world-class technology of Microsoft teams. This platform is becoming a fundamental part of recruiting candidates or employers. For providing the easiest and secure solution for students’ and employers’ experience this platform is mostly used.

It provides unlimited meetings, limitless video calls, chats, unlimited fairs, and unlimited booths. It means it is totally unlimited.


Evenxtra is Asia’s leading virtual event platform. This platform is supported more than 5000 virtual events which are successful in over 100 cities worldwide. It connects generators, people, and experiences. The major client of this platform is- Apple, Alibaba, InvestHK, TEDx, WebSubmmit, and Yahoo. This is also known as EventX.


The use of this Handshake platform is mostly by students. 18 million students and recent graduates using this platform. This platform is widely used by 1,200 universities, Amazon employers, Bank of America, and Tesla.

After signing up they can create profiles and receive notifications for jobs by the free process. For students to get launch their career on this platform no experience or connection is required.


This 6Connex virtual events platform is cloud-based which creates a better experience for candidates. Sales and marketing teams to help with works on this platform.

 6Connex is focused on learning and educating and also highly focus on engagement. It is used for presentations, trade shows, international corporate events, and conferences.

The feature of this platform is to focus on backend data for a positive return on investment. It creates a great and lovely environment that matches a desired physical location for meetings or webinar space in the city.

It allows recording your meeting to referring the whole material multiple times.

Premier Virtual

It connects nearly 20,000 registered job seekers. This allows connecting multiple candidates simultaneously. The one-on-one video function is the best about this platform.

It is so easy to use by setting up profiles and booths. So, you can enjoy it in your desire space or comfort zone with the computer.

Premier virtual is the best tool for the school districts.

This provides easy chat and video ability and for data tracking. It also provides the robust post-event report feature.


This GR8People virtual career fair platform achieves national recognition, growth, and innovation. This drives performance across the whole hiring cycle and the experience of managers, employers, candidates, and freshers.

It offers to best AI. So, this platform is used by more than 250 companies’ customers and spread over 75 countries due to its hiring performance and business intelligence.

This platform is unified and seamless by virtual recruiting events, candidate referrals, text recruiting, and every talent data point. This tool is used for capturing candidate information.


XOR is newly platform in all these platforms because it launched after the COVID-19 pandemic situation for those companies which can take advantage of the virtual career fairs in a new way.

The host can create online events, engage with live chat, video, and SMS with a virtual hiring experience. Some so many registered candidates who use this virtual career fair platform easily and loved it.

This design and schedule virtual career fairs build on this platform. You can create ad campaigns, emails, and events. You can switch the video anytime during chat or question-answer with your candidate so you can know more about them. It is known for its recruiting chatbots, so you should consider it in the market’s next interesting virtual career fair.

This platform is easily supporting on any device and web browser.


This virtual career fair platform is very useful with different ways for editing to meet your needs. It is the world’s most advanced video interviewing virtual career fair platform.

This system allows for the recording of meetings or live conferences of companies with high quality. It saves time and money. This platform is an end-to-end hiring solution for searching for great and experienced people for your company team.

It provides suggestions for questions and answers. This platform is user-friendly and customizable for interviews and reviewers.


Events are a critical part of any strategy for university and career hiring. The Eightfold is a great way to organized and easy to set up events with high-quality interviews. This high level of best in virtual recruiting, in-person, and class events built-in Eightfold platform.

 Due to its high AI capabilities, it turns automatically and instantly resumes books into talent profiles. The best features are it automatically invites those people who are most interested in your events. It avoids a separate system for interview scheduling.

Eightfold AI has signed up leading organizations all over the world. In less than two years 100 enterprise customers are included which is the best achievement for this virtual career fair platform.


This virtual career fair platform works for replacing physical career fairs. Setting up an event for adding group tags and sharing filtered events organized on this platform.  It is based on SMS and chat which will fit on you if you love to text. This platform allows a living chat option with multiple candidates during events. This platform is interested in focusing on instant messaging therefore there is no option for audio or video chat conversation.


 Vfair was launched in 2008 and it’s a hybrid and virtual events platform that helps to create the best reach for audiences or candidates. With this platform online conferences, trade shows, Food shows, training, meetings, job fair, and amazing webinar can start.

This has an interesting 3D design and can organize live and semi-live webinars with only a few clicks. So, due to extensive customization with features and integrations, this platform is very popular.

Due to its wide range of event options the chances of distraction by individuals and more. So, by using these best virtual career fair platforms you can make an easy conversation option to get in touch for your someone.

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