How will you ensure you Hiring the best candidate?

One of the biggest problems that startups face today involves incorporating new talent in existing management. You have come a long way from online company registration to now hiring the talent. What if you already have a team in place and want to scale further, albeit with a bunch of questions: do we allow current workers to take on new positions or focus on lateral hiring? How can modern leaders be hired? And how does new recruiting impact the culture of work? So then the prime issue – how to handle divisions between new and old employees?

Now, you have come a long way from online company registration to now hiring the talent as lateral assimilation and recruiting paves out efficient ways for your startup to grow. This is because the organization wants to renew the talent pool after determining if the current bunch is fit to step into the new roles or search for more. But those who lead the business can find specific existing leadership inadequacies coming this far on the startup journey. It is a significant barrier to continue to rise if you don’t have a cohesive team. The first team you breed inhouse will go miles with you and that’s the fact for any startup. Often, however, these employees find it difficult to keep the ship stable as the organization gradually expands with new hiring and probably at a position where they report to someone and not the founder.

Here is my approach to the two distinct yet interwoven aspects of assimilated and lateral hiring in your startup.

Tactfully strategizing and dealing with lateral assimilation 

Time and again, entrepreneurs find themselves trapped in stress regarding the teams’ efficiency, the impact of hiring on financials, etc. Lateral recruitment may see tables turned, where old and experienced people report to new employees in your startup. There might be some riffs between the workers on the side and the current ones as the latter attempts to test the new workers. Old and existing team members may try to dissipate the potential of the new individual for any mistake and indirectly point to inefficiencies in new hiring as they leverage the founders’ trust. The later hires will also try to win their colleagues as they settle down. To do so, they have to show how they too can hustle and breathe in the current tides and what all the skills the present people lack. This is one way to earn the existing team’s respect. On the other hand, founders and business leaders within the startup are also responsible for their incorporation to ensure a smooth transition.

A mixture of both recruiting and integrated team facilitates the failure of the lateral recruiting. Most founders are aware of how easy it is to exploit the confidence through the contributions of current team members. A close association with the board also plays a significant role in influencing new employees’ management experience. One way of doing this is to find participants to talk freely with the current team. They will be the ones who explain why they recruit laterally to the current team. We do need to tell them how they can contribute new energies and how much they can support the business. The old employees should be made clear about how they ought to help new employees. However, listening to the genuine concerns of current and old-time staff is also relevant. It is growing their chances of growth affecting them.

Strategy for new hiring 

Top management tends to be assisted by individuals with expertise in scaling and leading enormous teams. Yet, there’s a big gap between the people having the ability to handle on a scale and those who can launch your business to scale-up. Therefore, it is important to consider the distinction between the two, and the new hiring should prove either of the motives. Your experts’ existing team may not be great at handling the scale and, therefore, will need someone who can help manage the growth. The lack of a support system may lead to a loss in business as many candidates will struggle to cope with the growth. Therefore, it is best to differentiate between the teams based on their expertise and role within the organization. If needed, you can still keep your old team in your books of favourite by enabling them with employee stock option plan (ESOP). Such arrangements can keep them motivated without creating differences within the team.

With top positions in teams like sales and consumer account management, entrepreneurs are expected to shuffle the team’s best interest. For instance, you need someone who can scale from the floor in positions such as COO and Head Sales and you can’t merely put up anyone from an existing team to fill up those shoes. The recruitment department must always be attentive to the red flags at an early level by identifying who changemakers in time. Some questions are usually posed during the interview by candidates, as are their requests and how they perform more in-depth conversations to prevent scrutiny.

Jump into the shoes of the people involved in these recruiting interviews again. The founders and the board may be under extreme pressure. Instructions for closing the empty place quickly are overwhelmed. Note that such quick recruitment can help to fill the role, but it is counterproductive to development. 

The Endnote

The critical aspect of any startup’s growth is its ability to assimilate side hires as soon as it reaches the phase of scaling up. The objective is to smoothen the process and maneuver it when necessary, depending on your company’s position. For new employees to settle in, activities must occur around team building, allowing them to mingle with the existing team. It also allows them to become acquainted with the culture, meet colleagues, and later befriend them while taking their business ahead one step at a time. 

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