What You Should Look for When Buying an ID scanner for Age Verification?

As the owner or manager of a bar, liquor store, vape shop or marijuana dispensary, one of the most important tasks is to ensure that no alcohol, tobacco, marijuana or other age-restricted product is sold to an underage customer. This, however, often gets overlooked or assumed that all it takes is to ask for the ID card.  Thanks to modern technology, verifying an identification or driver’s license card can be error proof and the transaction documented to protect a business’s license as well as legal liability exposure. ID SCANNER can accurately verify Age and detect altered, potentially fake and expired IDs instantly, providing the user the best ID checking tool. Any business offering curbside pickups and ID scanners for hospitality and retail can also benefit greatly from installing such a device. Their job is made easier, but more importantly, they’re able to make better judgement and perform more effective and efficient at their job.   

It’s no mystery that underage kids can get their hands on fake ID cards.  It’s therefore highly challenging for business owners and managers to consistently and accurately verify the age and validity of their customers.  Fortunately, state and local law enforcement agencies recognize that fraud happens at many levels so some fake IDs may be impossible to detect.  Therefore, businesses are usually required to follow a reasonable care test.  But with ID Scanners for age verification more prevalent, merely utilizing this technology as part of a solid ID checking policy is proof of the business’s proactive stance. 

The Importance of ID Scanners

For these reasons, the popularity of electronic ID scanners has soared in recent years. ID scanners can quickly and accurately verify the Age and validity of a driver’s license or ID card. This saves the business time and money, while also minimizing the risk of legal repercussions associated with underage liquor or tobacco sales.

When purchasing an ID scanner for your business, however, you must do some thorough research to find out what type of age verification technology is the most suitable for your needs. Different types of ID scanners come with different features and accessories. Scanners operate on different platforms and can be found on hardware based or subscription based solutions.  Subscriptions and contracts for obvious reasons can be cheaper upfront but costs add up quickly and can get expensive so check the fine print.   

Also, ID data retention has been an after-thought until recently with the introduction and passing of customer privacy laws.  At one time, capturing a lot of customer data was thought to be offering more bells and whistles.  But now it seems less is more.  Only essential ID data captured for a limited length of time provides the maximum benefits versus the risk ratio of holding onto too much sensitive data.  Maintaining proper security of ID data can become a bigger risk if not managed properly.  If the subscription based company is managing your data, it’s even more important you understand the security risks.

In order to take full advantage of the benefits that an ID scanner offers businesses, ensure that you are buying a high-quality and durable product from a reputed brand. If your provider is not around for long, you may not get the service or software updates and the life of your investment will be cut short.   

Some of the other factors that you should keep in mind when making the purchase have been mentioned below. These will help you determine whether or not the ID scanner is worth spending money on. 

ID Reading Capacity

When purchasing an ID scanner, you must ensure that it can read all ID cards and driver’s licenses in your state or the entire U.S. and Canada. The data stored in most ID cards is encoded either within a magnetic stripe or a 2D barcode. Hence, you should definitely choose an ID scanner that is capable of reading both magnetic striped and 2D barcodes. This will allow you to use a single scanner for all your age verification needs.


The portability of an ID scanner can really impact its usability, depending on where and for what purpose it is being used. For instance, the bouncers at a nightclub will typically need a portable scanner that they can carry and use at the entrance to the establishment. Liquor stores and marijuana dispensaries can go with a portable or stationary device, usually operated by the sales clerk. Whether you need a handheld ID scanner or a desktop will depend greatly on the type of business you own or how you service customers.  With curbside pickups commonplace, the portability of an ID Scanner is highly desirable.

Data Storage

There are various types of ID scanners, at different price points, that perform different functions for the business. For instance, some ID scanners will simply display the age of the patron on the screen when their card is swiped through the scanner. Other devices will both read and store the data from the card, allowing for future retrieval for advertising purposes. The right ID scanner for your business will depend on your business needs, local laws and regulations, marketing practices, etc.

Ease of Use

Ergonomics and ease of use are some of the important factors to be considered when buying and ID scanner for business purposes. An ID scanner that is compact, portable, and has a large, backlit screen will be much easier to use for bouncers and sales clerks than one that does not have these features. Therefore, the possibility of errors and inefficiency will be greatly reduced. 

Service Facilities

The durability of an ID scanner is very important, and it can be much enhanced by good and reliable after-sales service. One of the primary factors to consider when making your choice is whether or not the company offers free product and software support after the sale has been made. Reliable technical support and service are a must, as without them the cost of repairs and replacements might seriously damage your business.

Final Thoughts

To get the most out of your ID scanner, you must ensure that the product was manufactured by a reliable company, with the help of high-quality materials and equipment. Also, look for simplicity in function and operation.  Too many bells and whistles are for the few, not the many.

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