Social media Aggregators – and everything you need to know about it

You might have way too many windows open on your desktops for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter in order to manage and check all of them together. The organization is very important when it comes to social media know all about Social media Aggregators here.

Social media aggregators are an important tool for the corporate world. These tools are used by brands and businesses for their events, to display social walls on their websites, and also to manage and organize social media accounts.

Social media aggregators are trending tools in 2020. Everyone wants to use them whether they are brands, hospitals, educational institutes, etc. Social media Aggregators are helping businesses to increase user engagement, connect with their audience, create social proof, spread awareness and the benefits are endless.

But the question is What exactly are social media aggregators?

Social media aggregators are those cool tools that help you cumulate posts from your different social media platforms. These tools help you in creating an organized view by gathering all your posts in a single feed.

For example – you are running a hashtag campaign on multiple platforms say – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and your audience are posting with the said hashtag and in this case you are only able to share feeds from a particular platform, you might miss a lot of great content that has been posted by your audience.

By using the aggregating tools you can simply bring on all the hashtags, mentions, handle posts from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many other platforms in a neat and tidy place.

Some of the best social media aggregator tools:


Tagembed is one of the best social media aggregator tools that allows you to collect, curate, and showcase social media feeds on your website platform. It is a powerful tool used by many brands to embed social feeds from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and many more to increase customer engagement and interaction on their website.

The best features of Tagembed make your social feeds look attractive and easy-to-use interface that even anyone without any technical expertise can operate. Tagembed gives you the best plans for all types of business, whether small or large, one product brand or a huge eCommerce website in the market. The best thing about Tagembed is; it is a free forever plan for you means you don’t have to pay anything for its free plan.


It is one of the best social media aggregation tools that helps you to display social media walls on your websites, events, stores, and outdoor advertising.

Taggbox allows you to collect images, videos, reviews from different social media platforms into one attractive social media feed. You can also pull in hashtag posts, mentions, and posts from your handle.

The social media feed can be further customized with exclusive themes, background, custom posts features provided by the tool. Taggbox also comes up with features like a moderation panel so that unwanted posts can be filtered and only the posts which the brand wants to be displayed get added on to the feed.

The tool offers additional options like tracking the feed’s performance by analytics, shoppable posts, adding collaborators, custom CSS, and many more. Taggbox is user friendly and helps you to display social media content in real-time.


A very useful tool if you want to manage your different social media accounts. With Hootsuite it becomes very easy to schedule content in advance, also you can determine what’s trending across your customer’s social media networks.

Hootsuite can also be used with MailChimp, Dropbox, Google Drive. Leads can be generated using the tool you can join into the conversations about your brand and enhance your brand reach. Creating and publishing content is always easy with Hootsuite as you can track trends and collect content from various sources.

The tools also come with an analytics feature. Hootsuite offers three different plans, which are based on the number of users required.


Juicer is another tool with which you can curate posts from social media channels. It is easy, user-friendly, After creating a social wall you can display it on a public screen with a simple link.

It comes with amazing features like beautiful themes, colorful fonts, display options, etc. You also have complete control over the posts you want to display on the screen. Juicer also offers an analytics feature that helps you to keep a track on how your social wall is performing.

Benefits of social media aggregators

Social Proof

Social media aggregators help in developing social proof for your brand. Displaying reviews, images, videos using aggregating tools acts as assets for your brand as new visitors are more likely to trust the opinions of your existing customers. People these days look for relatable, trustworthy, and unique content online.

Boost Awareness

Social media aggregators can help you in humanizing your brand which ultimately helps in boosting brand awareness. Using user-generated content on your websites helps in increasing followers on your social media as well as traffic on the website.

Saves Time and is Cost-Effective

Marketing plays an important role for all brands and businesses. Creating content by spending hefty amounts on advertising and billboards makes no sense if you are running on shoestrings. You can always use social media aggregators to display social content on your websites and screens. This is a cost-effective way, also the content marketers do not have to spend too much time creating content.

Edge over Competitors

Social media aggregators help you to improve your presence on social media networks, you are more likely to be noticed by a wide range of people. This helps you to have an edge over your competitors. Social media aggregators help you to stay updated with the latest trends and campaigns going around.


As everything about social media aggregators has been discussed above. Start creating your social wall using social media aggregators that suits you the best and see how it helps you in increasing sales and conversions for your business.

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