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10 Tips for Writing an Excellent Essay

An essay is a word used to specify a generic of the literary framework which has the limits of a flexible word according to the nature of the subject.

Tracing Etymological Origin of Essay

The etymological definition of an essay is “to attempt” or “a trial”, originally confiscated from a French lexis “essayer”.

Academic Connotation

Academically, an essay has been characterized as a form of a literary piece of writing which is planned to pen down on a specific subject and allows the freedom of opinion to its essayist.

Oxford’s Dictionary viewpoint on the Essay

The world’s most reliable glossary of words describes the essay as a “short piece of writing on a particular subject”.

Scope of an Essay

An essay is the most flexible endeavour of art which permits its correspondents to write what they want to express and build arguments to prove their standpoint. An essay can be written on any topic and the subject of an essay can be selected from the domains of everyday life to intellectual properties and from space to the entire universe.

Classification of essay types basis on the nature of the subject

Essays are of many types depending upon the theme of the topic.

  • Descriptive essay

An essay can be descriptive which provides detail of the topic, for example, my best teacher.

  • Narrative essay

In a narrative essay, one can render events or storytelling like travelling to Switzerland for the very first time.

  • Expository essay

Expository essays basically elucidate the cause and effect relationship of certain phenomena or topics to others. For example, Causes and Effects of Climate Change.

  • Argumentative essay

An argumentative essay revolves around the fortification of arguments and assertions. Typically, it follows a pattern of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis approach. For instance, videogames make children vulnerable to infections

Ranking of an Essay based on the quality of content

There is a discrepancy between an essay, a good essay, and an excellent essay. What are the points which make the disparity between the levels of efficiency? Here are the tips which really create the desired difference in essay writing.

Selection of topic

The first and foremost tip is the selection of such a topic that can be used exploring the area which can be termed as the trend of the day. Before proceeding the selection, you should exculpate yourself 3w’s and 2h’s rule;

  • Why this topic?
  • What is this topic?

 Literature review writing services dispense the answer of this WHAT on a wide range of topics.

  • Where it can contribute?
  • How it will be handed
  • How it can pose encouraging prospects for present and future exploration

When there are satisfactory explanations to these questions; congratulations, it is a green signal to go ahead and do your best to knit the essay.

Brainstorm the topic

Here is the employment of your brain in the most productive way; the real test of your geniuses.

The quality of your excellent essay directly depends on the quality of your brainstorming.

This step actually evaluates the intellectual capabilities and knowledge. For instance, the topic is the outburst of Covid-19 and its implications for social structures.

Brainstorming would include the upheaval of coronavirus; social institutions like education, health, family, the economy as well as religion and influence of COVID-19 including ongoing lockdown on these social structures. In brainstorming, maximum dimensions can be mentioned.

  • Conciseness

As William Shakespeare amply remarks, “brevity is a soul of wit” in his play “Hamlet.

Succinct and short sentences are Enthusiastic attributes of an efficient essay. This is a tremendously important tip to break the long sentences into abridged specks.

In order to understand this, consider the following illustration; It took a long time to get to the market my brother and I was fascinated to see the decorum of the shop and the quality of things.

This is known as a run-on sentence which makes the reader get bored. However, it can be fixed by employing the above-mentioned tip.

  • Clarity

An excellent essay is the one that exhibits the clarity of the thought of the writer. The crucial tip is bringing up the expression of clarity in your manuscript. It will harness an impressive impact factor.

  • Coherence

Fastening and interlinking of sentences with each other is the peculiarity of jotting down a great essay. Coherence is the critical yardstick for determining the quality of an essay. This can be contemplated in the work of Bertrand Russell’s great essays. To maintain coherence, the tip is to use suitable and pertinent coordinating conjunctions.


The syntax is the hallmark of an excellent essay. One the one hand, it takes into account the structural arrangement of a sentence as subject+verb+ object, while; on the other hand, the structure of the whole essay on the other.

  • An excellent essay follows the following standard pattern: Introduction, body, and conclusion are the main parts of the essay composition.
  • The tip is to draw an outline at the beginning for the alignment of the whole essay according to the pattern.
  • Furthermore, deduce a Thesis Statement in the introduction which acts as a flashpoint of the essay. It should be flexible, clear, and must represent your viewpoint on the given subject.
  • The body of the essay must be knitted on the argument building which should support the standpoint which is earlier mentioned in the thesis statement.
  • It is substantial to consider the updated facts and figures from authentic resources coupled with case studies across the globe for the ratification of arguments.
  • If the essay demands a set of suggestions, you should be given it at the end of the body and this will augment your own analysis and perspective to settle the matter. This must be carried a level of maturity.
  • The conclusion must be optimistic. No novice idea should be inserted here. However, positivity will pay a reward in winding up the simulation.

Critical analysis

The echelon of critical analysis has the potential to make the essay excellent. This requires critical thinking and examines the mentality of a person. You should make a comprehensive critical analysis that should contain the skim of past and present as well as make future predictions.

Appropriate and bona fied paragraphing

An essay is a collection of properly configured paragraphs. The length of all paragraphs should be kept the same ideally. However, the introductory paragraph can be expected to occupy more space as it is considered extraordinary in its knitting.

Avoid verbosity

The purpose of writing is to convey your thought. It is necessary that your material should be comprehended in the sense you aspired to deliver. The tip is to avoid flower words and difficult vocabulary which can confuse the reader, as a result, it can negatively influence your impact factor.

  • Use simple language
  • Try to remain as straightforward as possible

 Refrain committing Grammatical errors

Grammar mistakes play wreak as bullets to kill the manuscript of an excellent essay. It exposes the writer’s superficial facade and undermines the quality of content. The salient tip is to get command over basic grammar or use software like Grammarly while writing in Google docs or Microsoft word etc.


This article attempted to focus on how to write an excellent essay, its steps, and tips to help the interested entities throughout the world. In short, the prerequisites of writing great essays is to read quality books and practice the contents in while following the pattern of a standard essay.

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