Career Advice in the field of Web Development

Career Advice in the field of Web Development

Nowadays, technology plays a major role in everyone’s life. We have apps that we use in our everyday lives such as WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn and it becomes a part of our life.  Every application or website that we use is built by the web developers.

What is web development?

Web development is a work which involves the process of creating websites and application for the internet and intranet where internet refers to the world wide web and intranet refers to the private networks. Web developers work usually involves the coding and writing markup to make the application or website functioning properly. Every application we use on the internet has been built by web developer. This can be in range of a simple static webpage or to a multi-functional website or a complicated web application.

Web developers has been categorized in four categories based on their specialization which are mentioned below:

  • Front-end Developer
  • Back-end Developer
  • Full stack developer
  • Mobile Developer

Front-end Developer:

They are responsible for the visuals of website or application that is visible to the user in the browser or everything that user experience directly on their end. For Example, if you visit a website, the things like font, color, layout, page design, contact form, tables, images are created by the front-end developers. They use programming languages such as HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript and many more to design the front end of any website.

Back-end Developer:

They are responsible for working with the servers. It is a very important part of a website that is not visible to the users but they cause the website to functioning properly. It involves the work of organizing, storing and modifying data and make sure that the front-end side function properly by communication with front-end. Everything that happens on the user end like, if a user fills a contact form then the browsers sends a request to the server side and when the server side responds to the front-end code that can be displayed on the browser. They use Server-side programming languages like Java, PHP, Python, Ruby and many more to build the applications.

Full Stack Developers:

They are the experts who posses the knowledge of every step in the process of web development. They have a prominent knowledge in both front-end and back-end languages and also in server, network and frameworks like Bootstrap, jQuery, and more.

Mobile Developer:

They are responsible for building mobile applications, either for Google Android or Apple iOS or Windows mobile or any other mobile platform. The programming languages that they use are Java, Swift, C#, C++ and many others. They write code, test, monitor, debug and make changes for mobile application development.

All the categories of web developers carry out their work to make a website or application functioning easily and together form the term of web development.

Web development is one of the most growing industry of the world as every organization want to have a website of their own to do marketing and reach directly to their customers. Every organization need a team of developers for creating the websites but this can put pressure on their pockets. Thus, there are some open source tools available for web development such as LAMP, GlassFish, Perl and more which will reduce the cost of web development. Content Management systems like WordPress, Joomla and many others are popular way of web development. Using these tools anyone can create, edit, update and modify their website very easily using the web-based interface.

Career in Web development is very challenging as the technology is changing very rapidly. You will have to keep yourself updated with the new technology and languages in the current job market to make your career on the right track.

Step towards your career in web development:

  • Your first step is to select your specialization form the four categories mentioned above.
  • Your second step is to learn programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, PHP and MySQL.
  • Your third step is to familiarize yourself with the tools, frameworks and Libraries such as AngularJS, Spring, JavaServer Faces and more.
  • Your fourth step is to practice and improve your coding skills.
  • Your fifth step is to gain experience from different test web development projects.
  • At last, design your portfolio

There are some online platforms with offer courses for the preparation of various IT certification exams which validate your knowledge in the particular domain like uCertify like 1D0-620 certification exam validate your knowledge in HTML and CSS. There are also courses available with will help you to learn various programming languages like JAVA, PHP&MySQL, JavaScript, C#, and many more. Also, you can learn to build the website from the scratch.

Keep learning to have a growing career in web development field.

Author Bio: Neha Srivastava works in uCertify as a release manager and has 2+ years of experience in the field of blogging. She find herself interested in learning and writing out the topics which can help others to achieve their goal.

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